Assorted Work

Untitled Runner Prototype

Alpha gameplay footage for an untitled runner game I was working around this time last year (Sept 2013). Game inspired by the accompanying music. Platform drawing was spot on at one point, but that build got lost when I transitioned to Stencyl 3.0. A small part of this game’s code lives on in my completed game Floppy Bit.


No Quarters Necessary Art Show

Three pieces made for a local art show, as part of a greater downtown event known as Scranton First Friday. The show's theme was retro video games. 



A collaborative game project with dbk2. Based on his self-made web animation of the same name, the game was meant to explore human interactions and relationships via the internet. I provided graphics, animation, game design, and some programming. The project is on-hold indefinitely.


Will You Be My Programmer?


Another collaboration with dbk2. The above is mainly the result of graphical brainstorming between he and myself centered around making a game meant to teach fundamental programming concepts to an adolescent audience. The project was originally meant to serve as his master's thesis, but has since been shelved.