Samsung's Galaxy Marketing Strategy

The spirit of Samsung Galaxy advertising: "We sell iPhones without the Apple logo, while adding / keeping features you love! We sell better iPhones!" A good short-term marketing strategy, but it's definitely not born from a place of passion or a grander vision like the iPhone (or the iPhone's predecessors, the iPod and the Mac).

Samsung's Galaxy marketing strategy in one image.

Samsung's Galaxy marketing strategy in one image.

I'm sure Samsung has its share of passionate designers, but I assume their marketing department is entirely cynical business people who outsource to any design firm that will make their Galaxy ads look like iPhone ads. Compare the latest Galaxy Note 9 web page with any iPhone web page, or look at their latest video ads, which take place in an Apple store.

(I'm not saying Samsung doesn't sell decent hardware, although I have many bones to pick with their software).

Comparison screen grabs (taken from the official product web pages of both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Apple iPhone X)