CGPGrey Audition Video

My audition animation video for Youtuber CGPGrey's call for an illustrator / animator. The application called for the creation of a video in Grey's style using audio provided by Grey himself. 

From the application posting on cgpgrey.com: 

"If you are interested in working with the CGPGrey channel a full job description can be found here. To be eligible your application must include:
  1. A private dropbox link to a 4k60FPS version of the animated script above. Videos that are publicly posted on YouTube are disqualified. 
    • The animation will contain zero stock images and zero screen grabs from the CGPGrey YouTube channel. All assets will be original.
  2. A ZIP file of the original assets created to make the animation. 
  3. A declaration that you are of legal age to do freelance work. 
  4. No personal information about you other than the city where you live. If you have a portfolio of other work that you want to share, that can be included.
Applications will begin to be evaluated on Friday May 13th."

I used Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 to edit the video together, although looking back Keynote might've worked equally well. I've since received an email from Grey's personal assistant telling me that another candidate was chosen.

Printed Materials

Flyers, menus, business cards, and a resumé. All graphics created by me. For the John Spott business card, I used the program Mercury to model a custom molecule of a client's lab for use in the design.

Photographic samples forthcoming.

Icon Design

Icon Design. Mix of original designs, redesigns, and recreations. I convert my icons to ICNS with the command line for actual use.

Assorted Work

Untitled Runner Prototype

Alpha gameplay footage for an untitled runner game I was working around this time last year (Sept 2013). Game inspired by the accompanying music. Platform drawing was spot on at one point, but that build got lost when I transitioned to Stencyl 3.0. A small part of this game’s code lives on in my completed game Floppy Bit.


No Quarters Necessary Art Show

Three pieces made for a local art show, as part of a greater downtown event known as Scranton First Friday. The show's theme was retro video games. 



A collaborative game project with dbk2. Based on his self-made web animation of the same name, the game was meant to explore human interactions and relationships via the internet. I provided graphics, animation, game design, and some programming. The project is on-hold indefinitely.


Will You Be My Programmer?


Another collaboration with dbk2. The above is mainly the result of graphical brainstorming between he and myself centered around making a game meant to teach fundamental programming concepts to an adolescent audience. The project was originally meant to serve as his master's thesis, but has since been shelved.