Unlock Layer is an art and design firm based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It is independently owned and operated by Jeremy Brown. Unlock Layer focuses on pixel art animation, information design, and vector illustration.


Wallace.dog (WallaceDotDog)

New scenes weekly featuring the adventures of Wallace.dog! This project was born from my recurring corgi pixel animations during my Pixel Dailies submission streak. (On-going)

Pixel Dailies.jpg

Pixel Dailies

For over 300 consecutive days, I created a new piece of pixel art (or animation) according to a theme given by the @Pixel_Dailies Twitter group. With practice, I started gaining a lot of likes, upvotes, followers, and commissions. A magical time, to be sure.

Retro & Poké Designs

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Floppy Bit

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App Icon Designs

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