graphic design

Economics Graphs

A selection of a full set of economics graphs commissioned by a professor at Penn State University. The graphs are being used both as in-class visual aids as well as figures for a to-be-released book.

Print Design (Assorted)

2012 – Present

Flyers, menus, business cards, and a resumé. All graphics created by me. For the John Spott business card, I used the program Mercury to model a custom molecule of a client's lab for use in the design.

Will You Be My Programmer?


Contribution: artwork and design concepts. This project was started by and belongs to Daniel Guzek. The project description, in his words:

Will You Be My Programmer was originally my master's thesis project, a custom game platform designed to teach middle school students computational thinking concepts. You can read about my progress with Will You Be my Programmer at my development blog.